How To Reset Frozen or Unresponsive DROID RAZR

If your Motorola DROID RAZR locks up or becomes unresponsive, try this little trick BEFORE you throw it against the nearest wall ::BREATHE:: (Happy Thoughts)  You will get through this and be up and running in no time.

Problem #1: It will not power on (although you know the battery is charged)


1. First press the volume down key and keep holding while you then press the power key.

2. Now keep holding both of those for about 15 seconds while watching the blank screen.  The screen will flash a white line through the middle VERY VERY QUICKLY.  If you look away you will miss it. Once you see this you can let go of both buttons simultaneously.

3. The Motorola logo will pop up on the screen and device will start up as normal.

(This will not work if your battery is dead, so if you have any doubt about this, put it on a charger for about 15 minutes and then try it)

Problem #2: The device is frozen and not responding


1. First press the volume down key and keep holding while you then press the power key.

2. Now keep holding those together until the screen goes black, and once it does you can let them go.

3. Press just the power key to power your device back on.  The Motorola screen will pop up, and the device will start as normal.


You have just performed a SOFT RESET.  Was it good for you?! lol j/k Essentially, this is the equivalent of pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on your computer.  Make sense?  During this process no data is lost.  This should not to be confused with a factory reset, in which the device is restored to its factory settings (aka erased).

A soft reset simulates a battery pull on a device that does not have a removable battery.  Do not worry, as this is completely NORMAL, and NO, there is nothing wrong with your phone.  This will happen from time to time and can be resolved in less than a minute.

(This will also work for the RAZR MAXX, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, and RAZR M)

As a side note, every smart phone should be powered down once per day.  I’m not saying that a soft reset should be performed once a day, but a normal power down using only the power key.  It doesn’t have to remain off for long.  In fact, you can turn it right back on.  By doing this you will notice your device will run much faster and a lot less glitchy.  Just some food for thought.

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39 thoughts on “How To Reset Frozen or Unresponsive DROID RAZR

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Matt,

      Oh Nooooo! Not the wall! Actually that probably wouldn’t have been the first time someone would have tried that. I have actually seen people remove a non-removable battery to “fix” this problem, because they didn’t know any better. Glad I could help!

      - Casey

  1. Zoe

    Oh my gosh- you just saved my phone and probably my life!!!!!! My dad would have killed me if it was broken- I was so freaked out all day. In a last attempt to avoid getting yelled at and probably grounded, I went on this site and tried that trick out. I still can’t believe that it actually worked!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Zoe,

      I’m glad you dodged being grounded cause that’s never fun! You’re comment was quite funny. I lol’d You are welcome = )

      - Casey

  2. Rachael

    Oh my god thank you!! I’m so stupid – I have been trying for at least an hour to pry the back off my stupid phone!

  3. Hannah Grace

    What tips do you have if your bottom four keys stop working? Whenever I go into say my messages and need to go back to the previous screen my back or home buttons do not work. please help!

  4. Sharon Simmons

    Thank you very much. So easy and much better than stripping the screws with my eyeglass screwdriver to find out the non removable battery was…..well, you know. Thanks again. It worked beautifully.

  5. Rebecca Marceau

    Thank you soooooo much! My phone froze and was ready to throw it >.< and this worked. Thank you again!!!

  6. HopieKathleen

    oh im so happy. i think i love you! <3 my phone is my baby, and i thought i killed it! oh my god:) im so happy i cant even function.

  7. Leesa Knight

    I held the two buttons together as you said, seen the quick white line then the motorola symbol but then nothing. Phone will not turn on, it wont do anything unless its on the charger actually, but thats as far as it got. The wall is starting to sound pretty good!

  8. Doug

    Just got my first Android phone, and you saved me taking the darned thing back. Yes, lack of pullable battery is a pain. Glad to know how to force a reboot.

  9. Tammy Sue

    All alone….phone froze up…..eeeeek! The idea to search for a resolution didn’t hit til the next morning! It worked thanks!

  10. Bridgette

    Thanks a bunch. Mine froze with nothing. Just a black screen. I could only tell it was on by the flashing notification light. I even tried to call it to wake it up and nothing happened. This worked and quickly too! Thanks!

  11. Gregg Pathiakis

    So I have been searching online for hours because this option does NOT work for me. My phone has been acting up really bad for the past four or five days. Apps closing before they open… Google Plus opening randomly (with nothing but the app’s title bar)… phone rebooting on its own… etc. Well today, I opened up an app (Candy Crush if you must know) and it froze on a blank screen so I powered down. Now, when I power up, it gets stuck on the screen with the red dot. The graphic IS still animated. But it stops there. If I hold down power it automatically reboots and stalls at the same place. If I do the Volume Up/Down with Power, it does the same thing. Please help!

    1. Vikki

      I have the same problem…tried all the shut downs listed and it just keeps showing me the red dot with the white M flashing but it will not turn on. Right before I turned it off, I tried to send a text message but my texting would not open. I was also playing Candy Crush before this happened…What else can I do?

  12. Lisa

    thank you!!! I just unfroze my husbands phone! His was showing a screen about airplane mode, not in airplane mode, And the volume bar

  13. MARIA

    I have the same problem as Vikki and Gregg and the red dot is still there after doing all the steps you have recommended…PLEASE HELP!!!!

  14. holly

    thank you so much!! and i was about to throw it at the wall!! i cant thank you enough! i was waiting for it to load for ages!! i even searched the enternet!

  15. Nancy

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m traveling for business, and my phone froze for the first time. Thank goodness I brought my computer on this trip. Again, thank you so much – was starting to panic a bit!

    1. Casey Post author

      Hey Nancy,

      Things always find a way to go wrong on business trips don’t they? Lol Glad you were able to easily fix it. Thanks for stopping by!

      - Casey


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