Remember to Backup Your Contacts!

What would you do if you pulled up your contact list and it was blank? The years and years of contacts have mysteriously vanished.  If this thought isn’t enough to give you an anxiety attack, I don’t know what is, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Sure, if you have an iPhone, maybe you have iCloud, or if you are an Android user you hopefully have them backed up with Google or maybe even your service providers backup options.

Let’s ask one important question though…What if these fail?  After all, things like this can happen, and this possibility combined with some really awful luck can make for a really, really bad day.  That being said, it is ALWAYS a good idea to NOT have all your eggs in one basket…err backup option.

Enter iDriveContacts, also known as your digital knight in shining armor.  ::Royal trumpet fanfare::

This app is available to iPhone, Android and Blackberry users.  It is free, although I would say it is worth it’s weight in gold if you ever have the unfortunate event of ever needing to actually use one of the backups that you create with it.

After downloading the app and launching it for the first time, you will be required to create an iDrive account.

1. Use an email address that you plan on having access to until your last days on earth (in case you ever need to reset your password).

2.  Create a password.

3.  Click the grey SignUp/Sign In button in the middle of the screen.


You will have to wait a minute or so while your account is being created.  If you hit Backup, do not be alarmed if it says your address book is empty.  Give it a second and then try and press the backup button again.  It will work.



After the Backup in progress screen is finished loading, you will have just saved copy of your CURRENT contact list from TODAY’S date.  (This app does not automatically back up, and you will have to launch it periodically to create new backups)

If you are using this to RESTORE contacts, after downloading and signing into the app with the original account that you created (here’s where that email address will come in handy if you have forgotten your password), click on Restore and it will take you to a screen that looks like this.  Simply, click on Restore Contacts and pick the latest saved file.


There are many apps available with the ability to backup your contact list, but the reason I am recommending this one is because I use it almost every day and have never had it fail me once.  I should probably knock on wood now huh?  Regardless of the way that you choose to backup your contact list, just make sure that you have a “Plan B” for your “Plan A.”  So, in the event of a catastrophic address book deletion, you can put the Xanax down, click a button and say Voila! Thus, avoiding disaster in a matter of minutes.  ::Pats self on back::

3 thoughts on “Remember to Backup Your Contacts!

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  2. up with your

    G’Day! Casey,
    Very interesting, I don’t want to make a backup of them, I want to copy the actual text so that when I leave this phone (in Jan) for a new one I’ll have the messages on my computer. I’ve done it before but can’t remember how and google search isn’t bringing up anything useful.

    At the beginning of this year I managed to copy all of my messages at the time out into an Excel spreadsheet. For some reason when I double clicked on the messages they were transferred directly into Excel where I could save them as a spreadsheet there. So I’m looking to do exactly the same thing now. When I open Nokia PC suite and click on the messages thing it doesn’t show my inbox, it just shows an option to create a new message or create a new contact.

    I’m desperate to find out how to do this! The only answers I’m looking for are ones that allow me to copy the exact text into Excel or Word or some programme – not to make a backup that can then be opened on the phone.

    Thanks so much!
    No comment sig

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi and thanks for stopping by!

      Sorry for the delayed response, but for some reason your comment got mixed in with my spam folder. I have yet to actually import the backup text message file onto a computer, as I have never needed to do this. I only use the backup to transfer between devices; however, I did find this link with detailed instructions that you may find helpful. I think this is what you were referring to. I will keep a look out for any other options as well.

      ♥ Casey


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