Google Play Store Error Message “The process has stopped”

unfortunately, the process has stopped

Situation:  You pick up your phone and launch the Google Play Store to download an awesome new app, and to your frustration, it force closes before you get the chance to and are left with this little present of an error message (minus all the cool neon aqua accents that I drew in above).  Can it be fixed? Yes.  Can it be fixed without erasing the phone?  Yes again (well most likely).  “How do I do this?” you ask yourself…continue reading…

1.  Go to Settings.

2.  Then Application Manager.

3.  Make sure you are on ALL applications.

4.  Find Download Manager.  They are not all listed alphabetically.  You may have to scroll to the bottom of the app list to find this.

5.  It will probably say disabled.  Click Enable.

  • If you are still having problems after performing this step, go to  Settings > Accounts and Sync > your google account then uncheck “Sync Internet“.
  • You can also go into Settings > Application Manager > All > Play Store > Force Stop > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

Some devices may not say Application Manager, if not look for Apps or Applications.  It may be labeled differently.

If all else fails, a factory reset will fix the issue, but this is a last resort, as this erases all of the data on your phone.


197 thoughts on “Google Play Store Error Message “The process has stopped”

    1. Princess

      Hi. my problem is same also to your android every time i click the play store on my samsung galaxy note II there is always a pop-up message saying “unfortunately your google plays store stop”. so don’t have any idea to solve it. and there comes a time that i couldn’t download any app. so yeah finally when you my play store is now working! thanks to you it helps a lot.. 🙂

    2. Yoo Vi Tsu

      Hi Casey!
      Thank u sooo much !
      Your guide worked and Im indeed happy ! I went thru other suggestions bt didnt work at all.
      Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262.
      Thanx again !

      YOO VI

  1. shaan

    really it was very morning while downloading some application my device crashed.i tried something but i deleted or dis abled something in my device…afterthat i can’t able to open play store.tried many tricks…mmmmhhhooom nothing worked…tried to download it many times…..finally i checked this…magic it worked……am very happy!!

  2. jjelmo

    tried all of those still not working even did a factory reset
    is it beause my phone has a chinese android version?

  3. Karan M Thakkar

    My phone gives a pop-up “Unfortunately google play store has stopped” whenever I open the playstore. I cannot open playstore anymore. Please help . I have also reset my phone but that didnt help .

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Merninay,

      If you do not have “download manager” look for “downloads” instead. That will do the trick as well.

      – Casey

  4. najmuddin

    thank u very much.. very useful, for those who can’t find download manager, maybe it’s label with ‘download’ only

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Naj,

      You’re welcome, and you are right. Thanks for pointing that out. It is very possible, depending on the device you have, that it may just be labeled with “download” and not “download manager.” I will have to make a note of that in my post.

      – Casey

  5. Abbagail

    Thank you so much! I’ve been trying for a month to fix it…I think I had seen to find download manager before, but could never find it….scrolled ALL THE WAY DOWN in “All Applications” and finally, even though they “appeared” to be in alphabetical order….it was 2nd to the last! Fixed it right up! Droid Razr HD

  6. Kat Woolsey

    When i did what the net told me to do which is to force stop google play store it deleted it from my phone how do i get it back without having to do a factory reset on my motorola atrix hd???? I really want that app back plz let me know asap on what to do
    P.S. Email me at plz with reply

  7. crpv.

    I did all of that but it did not work. What shall i do?
    Pls. Help. I cannot also find “download manager”, but when i found “download” it does not have any content. Btw. I have a samsung tab.

  8. Sheena D.

    Oh god thank you so so so so much I was terrified I was going to lose all my son’s fish and all my texts from that special person and I was devastated. That fixed it right away. Thank you so so so much I am going to add you to my favorites so that if I have any more problems hopefully you can help. Thank you again so very much.

  9. Danny

    Hi there. My phone is in this perpetual cycle of trying to connect to the google accounts, and it has frozen my phone to the point of not being able to follow your steps. anything I can do without resetting the whole darn thing?

  10. DT

    MILLION THANKS CASEY!!! I was hving tis problem for a week n wanted to send my Note to d repair centre… After using ur method, I m able to open play store n download again! 😉

  11. dickson

    my phone also had the same problem but the solutin didnt work even after hard reseting it.please need help.mine contacts,messaging and application manager stopped

  12. Casey Post author

    Hi Dickson,

    When you say hard reset, do you mean you erased your phone completely? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but a lot of people confuse terminology. I need to know what I’m working with here, so can you screenshot your error messages for me or tell me what it is saying?

    – Casey

  13. vivek

    Guys, I did all these tricks but no use…. I can’t uninstall any application in my android…..also issue not cleared……
    Plsgive me solution……

    1. Casey Post author


      When you say “uninstall any application”… can you tell me the name of an application you are trying to uninstall and then the steps you are taking to try and do so?

      – Casey

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Yhuki,

      Tôi đã cố gắng dán những gì bạn đã viết vào Google dịch, nhưng nó dis không làm việc. Xin lỗi, nhưng tôi không thể hiểu những gì bạn nói

      – Casey

  14. saima

    my cell phone is showing the option “unfortunately , the process has stoped” so what can i do in this situation plzz i want help


    Hi, I have a new samsung galaxy star advance SM-G350E hand set with reliance 2g network connected but i am unable to connect with google play store an error message comes any time when i try to connect with play store i.e “no connection try again”
    i follow all above procedure but not get any positive result.
    plz help me to open play store with my handset.


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