Comcast Email Server Settings

Comcast Email Server Settings

For some reason Comcast email accounts do not seem to like the company of smartphones very much, at least when they are added as an account through the native email application on the phone.  Fret not, persistence will prevail, and you will get that little sucker on there if it’s the last thing you do eh.  Did I really just type eh?  Apparently, I’ve gone Canadian (not really) and also suffer from ADD.  Okie dokie back to the topic at hand…the following server settings are the ones that are currently working.  When adding the account, choose Other as the type of account to be added.


Server =

If the email address is, the username will be example (the park before the @sign) and the password is your Comcast email password.

Security = SSL

Port = 995


Server =

Username is the same as above.

Security = SSL

Port = 587

If for any reason these settings are not working for you, you can always download the Xfinity App and access your email in this fashion.

Also, If anyone notices that these server settings become invalid or are not working for you for this account type or any of the other email accounts for that matter, feel free to email me, and I will find the updated settings and/or do my best to help.Help Me!


3 thoughts on “Comcast Email Server Settings

  1. SNT

    Just switched from FiOS to Xfinity & used this as a guide to setup my SG3 phone & my Asus tablet with one change to settings……….
    on OUTGOING settings i had to leave outgoing security as NONE & it worked fine for me!

  2. Kassie

    Wondering if you can help me. I have had my comcast email on my iPhone and iPad since I got them and ne all the sudden I cannot refresh my email, I have deleted it andthen added it again and nothing works it will only give me my email from exactally a month ago sonI went in and deleted all messages up to past that day and still nothing. Can you help

    1. JB

      Kassie, did you ever find an answer to your issue? I am having the same problem, but only for one of my Comcast email accounts (others on the same phone are fine).


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