“Waiting for Location” Why Isn’t My Navigation Working On My Phone?

I’m not even going to try and act like I have a natural sense of direction, because I don’t.  I would probably get lost going around the block.  I am horrible with directions, and there is no arguing this fact, which is why GPS is a godsend for me.  Fortunately, I no longer have to print out pages upon pages of MapQuest directions and can simply plug my destination into my smartphone and hit “navigate.” The turn-by-turn directions soon follow, thus thwarting the impending panic attack.

This is an ideal situation, as this is how Google Navigation is supposed to work, but what happens if when you hit “Navigate,” all you see on your screen is “Waiting For Location”???  This will happen form time to time, as it did to me this past Tuesday.  I was on my way to a local park where I could bring Kenzie, my Italian Greyhound along with a big blanket and just be lazy and work on my pasty complexion for an hour or two or three… (see photo below)

Waiting for location

Kenzie looks like she’s having a blast right?!  Thankfully for her, the pink bow isn’t real.  I edited it into the photo =  )  Back to the issue at hand…

This minor GPS problem is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.  There are several ways to fix it, and you may need to try either one or all of them.  Here it goes…

  1. Restart your phone.  Sometimes this is all that is needed.  Did this fix it?  If not proceed.
  2. Make sure your location is turned on.  I prefer standalone and google.
  3. Check and see if there is an update available for your Maps application from the Google Play Store.  If so, download it.
  4. Go into Settings > Applications > Maps > Force Stop > Clear Data > Clear Cache (Keep in mind any stored addresses will be deleted)
  5. If it is still not working go to Settings > Applications > Maps > Uninstall Updates then Reinstall the update.

Try using the navigation again, and it SHOULD work.  If not, there’s always MapQuest.

7 thoughts on ““Waiting for Location” Why Isn’t My Navigation Working On My Phone?

    1. Casey Post author

      Hey Beth,

      That’s call all those other sites are not nearly as fabulous as mine = )
      In all seriousness, I’m glad you got it all straightened out.


  1. Randy

    i tried everything then found your site .. you’re the closest to getting my GPS / Google locations fixed .. when i went back to the old google maps after the “uninstall updates” it worked on the old ‘maps’ .. but when i updated back to new maps it didnt work .. strange .. i’ll figure this out one way or another so i dont have to use mapquest lol , thank you

  2. Steven

    Had same problem. Solved it by downloading the app GPS fix from play store. Install and open; click on start fix. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. That’s it, you will be up and running.


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