Little Things . . .

It's the Little Android Things

My disclaimer for this post is the following:

You will not gain any sort of substantial knowledge from continuing to read this.  I repeat, you will not learn anything.  In fact, you may actually find that you just wasted about 30 seconds of your life.  If you’re ok with this then read on, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, after reading the title of this post, you can probably guess it doesn’t take much to amuse me.  Let’s say, if I had just discovered the secret to world peace in one hand and a teeny tiny turquoise paperclip strewn with coral-colored polka dots in the other, I’d probably think to myself, “How in the world did they get those tiny polka dots on there!?  That’s so cool!”  Yup, the little thing will win nearly every time.  That being said…

In your Samsung Galaxy [insert recent device name here], follow this pathing:

Settings > About Phone > Then this is where the magic happens folks!

About Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Once you are on the “About Phone” screen tap 3 times on “Android Version.”  A screen will pop displaying the image of your device’s Android dessert-themed OS.

Can you guess mine?

Android Jelly Bean

You would think that once figuring this out, I’d do it once, maaaaybe twice and then stop. We can pretend this is how it went down and call it a day.  How awesomely cute is this!?!  I mean who randomly goes through their phone screens tapping things multiple times to see what happens?  ::Raises Hand:: This girl.  Actually, I have a pretty good explanation, because I was trying to help someone who posted a developer options menu question on here, and this kinda just happened.  I’m not gonna lie, I was ecstatic when it did though.

I can’t help but wonder, does this occur on other manufacturer’s devices (HTC, Motorola, etc)?  I’d be curious to know.  Please comment below if you are equally as intrigued by the “little things” and don’t mind wasting a micronic* moment of your existence.  Thanks!

* I just now invented this word.

micronic |ˈmīˌkrän,ik|


a word used to describe something very small.  A unit of measurement.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Greek mikron, neuter of mikros ‘small.’


6 thoughts on “Little Things . . .

  1. HennieWest

    This happened to me as well!! But I was frustrated with my phone because it wouldn’t upgrade to the newest version of android, and I tapped the same button multiple times to free myself of my frustration, and up popped the little jelly bean! I was so amazed that I played with it throughout the entire day, forgetting I was frustrated with it! The little things really cheer you up sometimes!!

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Hennie,

      I’m so glad to see I wasn’t the only one! Haha
      Did you ever get your phone to accept the upgraded software? Thanks for stopping by.

      – Casey

  2. Janet

    So, after playing with said jellybean…(FUN!), on my Samsung Note 2, I multi-tapped a few more things in that screen… I triple-tapped Build Version (I think) and got a small message saying I was 4 steps away from being a developer… did it again, got same small message, saying I was just 2 steps away… Did it AGAIN! of course, and closed the ‘About Device’ page, and I have ‘Developer options’ on the More page now, between Date & Time & About Device. 🙂

    Not entirely useful to me at the moment, as I’m not a developer, but interesting, none the less. With all of the options in there, makes me appreciate what dev’s go through to make sure their app works on my phone and every other phone. 😀

    1. Casey Post author

      Hey Janet,

      See the jellybean is fun isn’t it!! It’s also fun to do the same on other devices with different android versions and seeing what cute image pops up there. Developer options actually has a bunch of things you can do, of which you are probably not interested, but I know it used to need to be enabled in order to connect your phone to your computer, so that was the initial reason I wrote the post. Thanks for your funny comment!



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