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Stop Facebook Movie Auto Play

Stop Facebook Movie Auto Play

If you are like me then you are fabulous, smart, funny…..oh wait, sorry got a little carried away there for a second.  Okay, back to the task at hand.

As I was saying, If you are like me then when videos on your  news feed start automatically playing as you scroll, then you probably get slightly annoyed.  Not only is this beyond irritating, but if you happen to NOT be on a WiFi network, this will eat into your monthly data allotment.  Not cool.

There is a simple fix to this in the Facebook settings menu.  Locate “Video Auto Play” and select it.  You will then be prompted whether you want to completely disable it or allow only over WiFi.


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Samsung Emergency Mode

Emergency Call

::Attention Samsung Galaxy Users:: (S5 through current lineup)

Can your cellphone save your life?  You bet it can!  In more ways than you actually realize…

There’s a special feature that most of y’all may not even know exist, and that is EMERGENCY MODE.

You can enable Emergency mode by long-pressing the power button and then choosing “Emergency Mode” or also by going to SETTINGS > SAFETY ASSISTANCE.  When you enable this mode, you will need to include an emergency contact, and this person will be alerted in the event you find yourself in an actual emergency – knock on wood that you don’t, but hey things happen right?

When you activate this feature by tapping your power button three times in a row, you will send an emergency message to your specified contact.  You will also have the option to send pictures and voice recordings to them as well.

Emergency Mode

Features of Emergency mode are:

  • Torch: Use device as a flashlight
  • Phone: Make calls
  • Internet: Use browser
  • Emergency Alarm: Sound an alarm
  • Share My Location: Explained in the above paragraphs

If you find yourself stuck in this mode and need to disable it, you can press and hold down the power key on your device and then tap “Emergency mode.”