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CaseyA mutual love for technology has probably brought you to this page, and I couldn’t be happier to share some knowledge of what I love with you!

My name is Casey and I am an avid technology “geek” and darn proud of it.  I have worked in the wireless industry for the past several years, and practice what I preach on daily basis.  I am thrilled when I can help open other peoples’ eyes to worlds that they never knew existed, or that they simply thought were out of their reach or understanding.

You know that feeling you get when that little lightbulb goes off in your head…your “Ah-Ha!” moment??  Well, I love helping people find that.  Technology doesn’t have to be hard to understand.

I would describe this site as a pseudo how-to/informative/review/technology relevant blog.  I would love hearing from you with any thoughts, comments or considerations.  So, please feel free to reach out to me.

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2 thoughts on “So, What Is

  1. jery hink

    Casey, I have been trying to turn off the annoying clicks on my gs3. Like many other folks I struggled like crazy to resolve something that was making me crazier. (see “escalating crazy hair-pulling frustration spiral” in the dictionary). Thanks to a fortunate google search I happened upon your posted solution. (see “happy” in the dictionary right next to my picure).
    I dont follow any blogs but if i did I would follow yours. How do I use “favorites” on my gs3 browser? This is my first advanced mobile device. I am really glad that I chose android. I feel guilty about not utilizing its awesome power but I am learning a bit at a time. I wish there was a dang “class” available for folks like me. When I try to do a new task it is a struggle to learn the skill when I need to use the knowledge (huh?).

    1. Casey Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      Your message was quite comical, and I very much enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your kind words. As far as using your favorites on your GS3, when you are on the site you want to “favorite,” all you have to do is press that little star looking icon to the right on the web address bar on the top of your screen and choose the little plus sign to add a bookmark. Then, call it whatever you wish and choose save…or you can also do this an alternate way by hitting the menu key, which is the soft key that lights up on the bottom left of your phone and then choose add bookmark, and the steps are pretty much the same as above. What provider do you have?? I do know that Verizon actually offers online as well as in-store workshops. I also happened to be in Barnes and Nobles the other day and found quite a few books written on the GS3. It might be worth a try. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you can take a lot from this site on your smartphone journey.

      – Casey


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