Android 4.3 Auto Complete Isn’t Working

Remember when we actually had to memorize people’s phone numbers?  It wasn’t really thaaaaaat long ago you know.  Of course, we don’t really need to do that anymore, because our Smart Phones do that for us, right?  Well, in short, the answer is yes; however occasionally settings can become reset and leave you scratching your head when pick up your device to text or call someone and your “Smart” Phone isn’t acting so smart anymore.

Do not fret. We will have this little dilemma fixed in no time and have you back to doing more important things with your spare time…like building LEGO® sculptures into replicas of your favorite jersey Shore fist-pumping establishment.    = )

“So what happened?” you may be wondering.  A lot of people don’t realize that when you hit that little button to agree to your software update, your phone’s settings get set back to factory defaults MOST of the time (with all your important stuff still kept intact).  If you’ve recently updated to the latest Android Jelly Bean version 4.3 and have noticed things aren’t quite right, this is most likely the reason why.  This auto complete feature is not enabled by default.

4 Steps to Happiness

1. Open your PHONE application, like you are going to make a phone call.  I know you will be able to find this relatively easy.

2. Click the MENU soft key. Love how this key lights up!!

3.  Choose Settings.  You should be able to see either some version of “settings” or “call settings” displayed.

4. Now here’s the mucho, mucho most important part.  Mike sure Dialpad Auto Complete is enabled.

♥ This SHOULD fix the issue when populating contacts in your phone and texting apps.  If you are still having problems in the texting app, you can try and see if there is a similar setting there.  Unfortunately, I do not have a device updated to the latest Jelly Bean version out, so I can not test it.

I’m still waiting for this push to roll out for my beloved Galaxy Note 2, and I will be posting about what to expect as far as changes go with this new OS release…for those of you wondering if you should hit that little update button or not.  You can in fact, defer till the cows come home, but eventually resistance becomes futile.



I Should Have Worn Matching Socks.


It’s 6:25 PM, and I’m sitting in a hospital bed, slightly cold but very happy that I have my “phablet” with me to help pass the time.

I’ve been feeling like general crappola the last couple of weeks, and then today I felt so incredibly sick that I had to leave work and come straight here for a barrage of tests.  I’d post a pic of my IV, but I wouldn’t want to chase away my squeamish readers.

Getting back to the socks…

As I sit here, I can’t help but think, “So this is why my mom always told me to wear matching socks and to never leave the house without underwear.”  At least I got the latter part right. Plus, the socks are at least in the same color family (See Photo Above) A yin and yang if you will.

Lesson learned.

In related news, I should probably tie my humor and boredom into something tech related.  So how’s this for you…

There’s a cool app called Patient Journal available from the iTunes Store.

(Yes folks, hell hath frozen over…I am posting about something non-Android related.)  Maybe I hit my head too.

This app just might make your next hospital stay a tad more comfortable and maybe even safer.  One benefit is that it’s a great way to keep track of all medication given and procedures performed.

Now, I shall go and peruse the Google Play Store to find its Android equivalent.

Gosh it’s cold in here. Brrrrrr!

P.S. I had some hospital selfies that I was tempted to post, but I didn’t want to make BuzzFeed’s next “Worst Types of Selfies” list.

How to Get Adobe Flash Player Back on Your Android Phone

Adobe Flash Android

I’ve done my share of flashing…

ROMS of course!!!

What in the world were you thinking?!  This isn’t a Spring Break post.  I mean, it’s not even March for goodness sake!

That being said, with the advent of Jelly Bean, many an Android users have noticed some of their favorite websites no longer loading on their devices.  This is because Adobe decided to ix-nay their support of flash player on Android devices a while back.

So, your first reaction is to go to the Google Play Store and download some sort of Flash Player – Problem solved, Right?  Wrong!  The latest version will, in fact work, but you need to download it via an APK file (see definition here) and download it manually.  This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

First, you will need to enable downloads from unknown sources.  To do this go to SETTINGS > SECURITY > and make sure there’s a check next to “UNKNOWN SOURCES.”

Disclaimer: Installing third-party software means taking risks with your device and/or personal information. You will be responsible for any issues caused by the installation, and should only proceed if you are prepared to deal with these possible consequences.

The most recent APK file can be downloaded here.  I suggest visiting this site and downloading this file right on your device itself.  Once it is downloaded you can drag your notification bar down and tap to install it or use a file explorer ( I use Astro File Manager) to find and install the file on your device.  Once installed, you will need to use a browser that still supports it (Firefox and Dolphin being two that come to mind).  If you need to download them just head to the Google Play Store to do so.  Enjoy!



A couple of days ago I received some pretty awesome news – I will be attending OWASP’s APPSEC USA 2013 conference at the Grand Marriott Marquis in Times Square New York November 18th-21st.  I was invited and given a very expensive ticket to this exclusive event, and I couldnt’ be more thankful. (Thanks Bobby!!!)

::Happy Dance:: <—Once I get my Youtube channel up and running I will link to this said “Happy Dance.”

So what is APPSEC you wonder?  I thought you’d never ask…Although, this may be a snoozefest for those of you whom google did not direct here through a search.

AppSec USA is a world-class software security conference for technologists, auditors, risk managers, and entrepreneurs, gathering the world’s top practitioner, to share the latest research and practices, in the high energy atmosphere – Taken Verbatim from their site.

In other words, it’s a conference where super geeks like me get to learn application security, which encompasses the measures taken during a web-based application’s life-cycle to prevent exceptions in its security policy.  The purpose of these measures is to ultimately expose and thus prevent flaws in the design, development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of the application itself.

Oh and did I mention there’s also a group hack?! Pinch me now.

Anyways, I am in no way qualified to probably be in the same room as 90% of the attendees that will probably be at this conference, but would I miss an opportunity like this?  Heck to the no!  I will be one very small fish in one very large pond, but I can’t wait to be that small fish.  Small fish are cute anyways.




Little Things . . .

It's the Little Android Things

My disclaimer for this post is the following:

You will not gain any sort of substantial knowledge from continuing to read this.  I repeat, you will not learn anything.  In fact, you may actually find that you just wasted about 30 seconds of your life.  If you’re ok with this then read on, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, after reading the title of this post, you can probably guess it doesn’t take much to amuse me.  Let’s say, if I had just discovered the secret to world peace in one hand and a teeny tiny turquoise paperclip strewn with coral-colored polka dots in the other, I’d probably think to myself, “How in the world did they get those tiny polka dots on there!?  That’s so cool!”  Yup, the little thing will win nearly every time.  That being said…

In your Samsung Galaxy [insert recent device name here], follow this pathing:

Settings > About Phone > Then this is where the magic happens folks!

About Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Once you are on the “About Phone” screen tap 3 times on “Android Version.”  A screen will pop displaying the image of your device’s Android dessert-themed OS.

Can you guess mine?

Android Jelly Bean

You would think that once figuring this out, I’d do it once, maaaaybe twice and then stop. We can pretend this is how it went down and call it a day.  How awesomely cute is this!?!  I mean who randomly goes through their phone screens tapping things multiple times to see what happens?  ::Raises Hand:: This girl.  Actually, I have a pretty good explanation, because I was trying to help someone who posted a developer options menu question on here, and this kinda just happened.  I’m not gonna lie, I was ecstatic when it did though.

I can’t help but wonder, does this occur on other manufacturer’s devices (HTC, Motorola, etc)?  I’d be curious to know.  Please comment below if you are equally as intrigued by the “little things” and don’t mind wasting a micronic* moment of your existence.  Thanks!

* I just now invented this word.

micronic |ˈmīˌkrän,ik|


a word used to describe something very small.  A unit of measurement.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Greek mikron, neuter of mikros ‘small.’

I’m Back!


First and foremost, I feel the utmost need to apologize to my followers for being absent for the past 2 + months.  I have been going through much more than I can even share on this page that you are reading right now, and please know that I appreciate ALL of the comments, criticism and suggestions that you’ve all continued to post.  I’ve always tried to respond to each and every one of you, but as you can tell I have been more than lackluster in this endeavor as of late.

As I lay in my bed with only my laptop screen illuminating the room, I will start typing the remainder of this post with as few edits as possible.  I don’t want to think; I just want to write.  I NEED to write this.  Me – curled up in a ball right now, too lazy to move the clothes from the foot of the bed whilst forming these words with subsequent keyboard strokes – I am finding myself again – the REAL me, because it’s been suppressed for quite a while.  Typing this is beyond cathartic to say the least.  Shall I commence?  Heck yea..

Besides totaling my 2 month old dream car about 2 weeks ago, my world had been turned upside down.  Everything that I have ever known for what seems like forever has been flipped inside out –  Well maybe not everything, but I’m not 100% comfortable with laying it all out here like an open book for all to see. I’m still coming to terms with this whole blogging and mixing in bits of one’s personal life, so I shall continue to teeter on this thin line, and here I shall remain – for now at least.  Please, just know I had good reason for my absence.

The remainder of these paragraphs aren’t going to be about an Android app (sorry to disappoint).  Instead I’m going to briefly talk about October 13th, 2013 – a day that I didn’t think I’d even be able to drag myself out of my bed to conquer.  I signed up for the CGI’s Perfect 10 Mile race (1st annual, all female) many months ago and looked forward to this day for quite some time.  The days leading up to it – not so much.  Still, I got up after only sleeping about 3 hours, put on my running shoes and signature hair ribbon and said, “Let’s do this.”  After all, a lot can happen in ten miles – possibilities including mental escape, acceptance, confusion and even personal achievement.  Ten miles is actually quite a long time to be alone with your own thoughts…just saying.  Even so, I wouldn’t trade this 1 Hour 43 minutes and 10 seconds for anything.

I ran this race with 2 people who are close to me.  We all finished separately, one of which was at the finish line for me.  No one else came, but that’s ok.  I know my family would have been there in a heartbeat to support me, but I made them promise to save the gas $ and opt to stay home.  You know, when running an all female race and seeing other runners’ significant others and children coming out to support them, you can’t help but want that too – well kinda.  I’m not really that needy, but it does put things into perspective.  Ok, it is so incredibly easy right now to go off on a tangent and start writing like this is a diary and it’s taking every effort not to do just that.  Instead I’m going to wrap it up.

Long story short, on this day I found out what I was really made of – the good, the not-so-good and even some bad.  I was forced to see it, so much so that it distracted me around Mile # 6 and it took me about 5 minutes to get my head back in the game so it didn’t ruin my pace.  Emotions ran (no pun intended) rampant.  Truths were realized as hard as they were to hear.  I still kinda wish they didn’t echo over and over again in my head, but still in the wake of the aftermath, the running never stopped (well maybe only at the water stations – I have been known to spill all over myself when attempting to run through them).

Thumbs up! Taken shortly after finishing.

Thumbs up! Taken shortly after finishing.

I can honestly say that these 10 miles made me a stronger woman.  This was truly a great day.  Now off to Vegas for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in November…well maybe = )

CGI Perfect 10 Mile

Assistive Touch for Android

floating touch

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been quite a while since my last post guys, but I have been crazy busy with some absolutely enormous changes regarding my professional life.  So, it feels beyond awesome right about now to finally find a moment to sit here and type this.  With that being said, the highlight of my epic (sarcasm) weekend was finding an app whilst browsing the Google Play Store called, “Floating Touch.”

“What is floating touch?”  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  The app is basically the equivalent of the iPhone’s “assistive touch” functionality, only a lot cooler, because it’s completely customizable.  For starters, you can place the button practically anywhere on your screen and also make the expandable menu a variety of colors…whatever suits your fancy.

Here is what mine currently looks like…

floating touch android

floating touch menu android

Basically, when you want to expand the menu, all you have to do is tap the virtual button.   I will admit, until you get used to it, it can be slightly annoying, because it happens to find itself in the wrong spot on your screen occasionally.  For example, when you go to hit send for an email, you actually hit the floating touch button, forgetting that it’s there, but a quick flick of the button to a different area of your screen solves this problem.

You can also customize what options you want to appear in your menu as well.  All customizations are done by launching the actual application, and it’s extremely simple to use.  Well, I’ll let you all try it out for yourselves.  You have nothing to lose, because there’s a free and paid version.  Personally, I’m happy with the free one, and that is what I am using at the moment.  Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with this…Happy Touching!  Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best way to word it, but you get the idea.

P.S.  Not to change topics, but I have the Verizon Corporate Classic 5K run coming up this Thursday, and guess what new toy I’m Super-Dee-Duper excited to try out…THESE bad boys!  I will have a complete review on them coming shortly.  Stay Tuned!

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