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Go Daddy Email Server Settings

Go Daddy Email Server Settings

Setting up your personal/business email on your smartphone for your Go Daddy hosted website doesn’t have to be as complex as you may think it is.  It’s actually pretty simple if you follow these steps:

1.  When asked for account type choose “Other.”

2.  Choose POP  is setting up as a POP account.  If it is an IMAP, the instructions for this type of account will be further below.  If you are unsure you can pick one at random with the tried and true technique of “eenie meenie miney moe” (completely joking) In all seriousness, if you are unsure, choose POP.

Incoming Server Settings


Username: Full Email Address

Password: Your Email Account Password

Security: With SSL = 995 Without SSL = 110

Outgoing Server Settings


Username: Full Email Address

Password: Your Email Account Password

Security: With SSL = 465 Without SSL = Either 25, 80 or 3535

* For IMAP, username and password information are the same, but the incoming server will be imap.secureserver.net and the port is 143.  The outgoing setting remains the same as above and security is set to none.  In both cases, I have had the most success with using port 80 as well.  Also for both types, you will want to check the box saying Require Sign-in.

Go Daddy Email Server Settings

AOL Email Server Settings

AOL Email Server Settings


You’ve got mail!

Hmmm…well…perhaps you do, actually you are pretty darn sure you do, but where is it?!  Right about now you’re thinking, “Why is my mailbox empty?  It was working an hour ago!”

If you have found yourself in this situation when trying to check your AOL mail on your smartphone, then this post is for you.  Read on…

Most, if not all smartphones will give you the option to set up an AOL account through the native email app on your device.  I actually prefer to bypass this option and do the legwork myself.  Let me explain.

1.  When asked what type of account you would like to add, choose “Other.”

2.  After entering your email address and password, choose Manual Setup.

3.  If given the option, choose IMAP.

Use the following server settings:

Incoming Server Settings


Username = Email Address

Security = SSL (Put a check mark next to this option)

Port = 993

Outgoing Server Settings


Username = Email Address

Security = SSL

The outgoing server requires authentication, so make sure to put a check next to that and type your password if it not there already.

Port = 465

AOL Email Server Settings