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YAHOO Email Server Settings (IMAP)


If you are having problems setting up your yahoo mail on your Android or iOS device try setting it up as an “Other”.  By choosing this option you will need to manually type in the server settings listed below.  Also, if there is an option for “manual setup,” choose this as well.

Incoming Server Settings

Username: xxx@yahoo.com (enter in your complete yahoo email address)
Password: Enter in your yahoo email password
IMAP Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
Port: 143
Security Type: None
IMAP Path Prefix: Leave blank / Optional

Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP)

SMTP: smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com
Port: 587
Security Type: None
Check “Required Sign-In”
Username: xxx@yahoo.com
Password: Your email password

The above settings are for setting up your Yahoo email within the device mail app itself. If you prefer,  Yahoo also has its own app available in both the Google Play and iTunes App Stores.