The Girl Behind the Glasses

So…I’m not just “ALL Android, gadget and tech stuff” ALL the time.  Here’s a quick, little glimpse behind the scenes.


Because of the field I am in, people often ask me, “What kind of phone do you have?”  My answer is currently the Galaxy Note 2 by Samsung.  To which they reply with,” Isn’t that like huuuuuuuuuuge?”  Yes.  Yes, it’s rather large for a cellphone, but then again, this is a subjective opinion isn’t it?  It took me a little while to get used to, but guess what, it totally fits into my back pocket or clutch.  Yes, maybe my workout armband looks a tad ridiculous I will admit, but I love it.  I realize it may not be the best choice to fit into most people’s everyday lifestyles, but it fits into mine like a puzzle piece.  In fact, most of what I do on this blog (image editing wise) is done using my so-called “Phablet“.  UG, I hate that word!  Before my Note 2, I was introduced to the world of smartphones with the HTC Thunderbolt, which I loved as well.  I am aware that I have a very unpopular opinion regarding this device, as getting through an entire day (battery wise) was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE….but it worked for me, and now my battery life with the Note 2 ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!


I recently took up a couple of new hobbies, one of which is scuba diving.  I started training for  it in March of 2012 and finished the academic portion and confined pool sessions within about  6 weeks.  My first pool session was…let’s just say…not very successful, as I pretty much had a panic attack in the shallow 3 ft end when I tried breathing under water for the first time.  It felt so unnatural!  I quickly shot up to the surface, ripped the regulator out of my mouth, took off my goggles and pretty much said, “This is 100% NOT for me!”  I was ready to drop out and forget about the whole idea of becoming a PADI open water certified diver, but guess what…I went back to the following week’s pool session, then the subsequent ones after that.  It eventually became easier, but not really that much less scary.  At this point I was dreading 4 open water certification test dives that were in my not-so-distant future.  I ultimately decided that doing these dives in the chilling NJ/PA waters up here was not in my best interest, so I decided to do them in Aruba, as I had a vacation planned there in October.  So, I lugged all of my gear on the plane with me and found a PADI dive shop when I arrived.  After all the paperwork was said and done, I was scheduled for 2 dives one day and then 2 dives the following day.  During these dives, I would be tested on all the skills that I had learned from my training in my academic and pool sessions.  The skill I was dreading the most – Removing my mask under water for a full minute whilst breathing only though my mouth via regulator (did I mention, I wasn’t allowed to hold my nose?  I can’t be the only one who has a problem with this…just saying! lol)  Then, after the minute was up, I had to replace my mask (eyes closed the whole time) and clear my mask of the water that flooded it.  Sounds like a blast, Right!?  Almost as much fun as a root canal!  As if this doesn’t sound scary enough, it was done 65 ft down at the bottom of the Antilla shipwreck.  Guess who passed their test with flying colors and is now a PADI certified diver…this girl!  I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world, and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to the little voice inside my head saying, “I can’t do this,”  because I DID do it.  I put all of my fears aside, jumped right in, and I can honestly say It was one of the most amazing experiences ever.  Hands Down.

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